Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a busy couple of weeks that we have had. I can't believe that the school year is over and summer break is here, too bad it hasn't felt like summer outside, brrrrr! We have spent the last little while ending a few things and starting a few others.

Cassidy is done with soccer for the season but her and Zack will both be playing in the fall. She is also done with dance and had her recital on the 19th of May. She has decided that she does not want to dance again this fall but would rather play basketball. I have explained to her that dance in Utah is very competitive and if she wants to do drill team in junior high/high school that she will have to take years of dance to keep up with the others. She says she doesn't care and wants to be done. My checkbook is excited because dance costs a fortune so I guess it isn't all bad. Maybe she will end up in the WNBA someday. Zack and Cassidy are both playing baseball this summer, Zack t-ball and Cassidy coach pitch. Between the two of them we have a game to go to every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night through the end of June. Whew! Zack had his preschool garduation on the 16th of May. He was so handsome on the stage in his cap and gown as his class did the ABC's in sign language and sang a few songs. His favorite part was choosing where we went for dinner after, Cafe Rio of course. I have LOVED his teacher, Miss Hillary, who also taught Cassidy in preschool years ago. She is an amazing teacher and we are going to miss her greatly. Thank goodness a few kids in the neighborhood are going to be in her class in the fall so we can get updates as to how she is doing. Finally, Cassidy decided she wanted to run a foot race so when I found out that in conjunction with the Ogden Marathon they would be doing a Kid's K I thought why not. I wish I would have had the guts to run the marathon but that is a different story. Cassidy was AWESOME. We ran a few times around the neighborhood to train and she was so ready to run. She ran the race in 7 minutes, not bad for just under a mile, then we went straight to her last soccer game. It was a screaming 85-90 degrees that afternoon, a bit hot for a 12:30 run and a 1:00 soccer game but Cassidy rocked it all.

Jason has been busy taking down the carport we made over the boat last year, we were fined by the city foe being too close to our neighbor's property line so it had to come down (too bad we are law abiding citizens). I wanted to fight the city over it but Jason hates confrontation so it came down. Now, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, we are putting it back up over the deck in the back of the house (then the city won't know it is there). We worked on it all Memorial Day weekend, when the Oregon type weather would allow, and hope to have it finished soon so we can set up our patio furniture and enjoy it. I'll post pictures when it is done.
I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend and enjoys their summer.

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Jill said...

Busy, Busy, Busy!!! But all fun stuff, so that's good! Way to go Cassidy on her first run, she is going to take after her rock star mom!