Sunday, November 08, 2009

It has only been five months since I have found the time to blog so there shouldn't be that much to catch everyone up on, right? Wrong! Wow, that took two hours to upload all of these photos. It is hard to believe how much we actually do in a summer. I posted pictures of Zack learning to ride a two wheeler, Jason and Zack working on our new shed, our summer trip to Montana, birthdays, boating, camping, and many other activities. This chronicles our lives pretty well.
Things have been going really well and been very busy since school began in August. I went back to work full time and still am struggling to balance home and work. Wow, does the laundry pile up. Jason is such a great help to me and even scrubs the bathrooms, does laundry, or makes dinner for me when I need some help catching up. We are slowly getting into a groove.
The kids love school and have been working really hard and learning a lot. They never cease to amaze me in all that they can do. Jason has been working hard as well and just finished an elk hunt, he focused mostly on muzzleload hunts this year.
Life is great here in Utah and we hope that everyone else is doing well. I promise I will try harder to post more frequently as I already have a camera full of stuff I need to download and can't sit for two hours to get it done next time. ;)

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