Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cassidy, the Cheetah, and Zack, Wolverine, on Halloween 2009.
Cassidy and Allison, felines heading trick-or-treating.
Zack's Wolverine costume came with a plastic face in the packaging. Instead of throwing it away Jason thought it would make a cool mask so he punched some nose holes and attached some elastic and called it his costume. The spooky thing is that it fit so well it looked like a plastic mold of his face, like "Jason" on a horror movie.
Our trick-or-traeing buddies Elauna, Elli, and Livi Horrocks (a.k.a. princess and a Care Bear).
We told Livi to come here so we could take a picture of her and she laid down on the grass in front of us and struck a pose herself, it was hillarious!
It was an unseasonably warm Halloween so we loved EVERY monute of it! Jason made it back a few hours before trick-or-treating started from hunting so he was able to come with us. YEA!

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