Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Well, Saturday did not go as planned, lets just say that. On Thursday afternoon I printed a movie schedule and wrote a little poem inviting Jason on a date with me. I stategically laid the papers on our bed knowing that when he got home he would see it all when he went in our room to change his clothes. Well, instaed of going upstairs he came home and excitedly told me about how a friend had invited him to go night skiing on Saturday and how happy he will be to finally break in his new boots. I simply went upstairs, changed to go to the gym, handed him the paperwork I had been working on and left to go work out. After running three and a half miles, anger is a great motivator, and doing a ton of situps I returned home to make dinner. When I got there he had already begun the dinner preparation, thank goodness for him. We sat down and I told him I was disappointed after all of my planning but understood why he wanted to go boarding so bad, hoping all the while that he would see things my way and decide to go with me anyway. Needless to say, the kids and I had a very uneventful evening on Saturday while Jason went night skiing. MEN! Arg! The weekend didn't get much better. I spent Saturday morning scrubbing my house so I could get the last of the germs from all of the illnesses out of my house. Well, Jason spent all of Sunday working on the basement, mudding and taping and sanding, and my house now looks like a large package of cocaine burst and left a white residue on everything. It is lovely, I am so glad I spent Saturday cleaning.
This Wednesday and Thursday are parent/teacher conferences, my least favorite part of being a teacher. I have tried to reorganize the schedule that the secretary gave me so that I am not here until 8:00 both evenings and can make it to Cassidy's conference as well but it has just been a nightmare. I have breaks everywhere in my schedule and parents that haven't confirmed yet. It is crazy. I can't wait until it is all over.
Not much else to talk about, man I am whiny today! Sorry if I brought you down with all of my negativity. I promise I will take a moment and breathe.

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